Version 1.0 | 23/11/2012 For Corneroids: 1.0.5

A blockset for those who would rather spend their time creating than acquiring resources.


  • Added ability to craft uranium ingots.
  • Added default unused weapon "Heavy Plasma Launcher".
  • Max stack size of 10,000 on every item and block.
  • "Vaporizer" weapon for quickly destroying a large amount of blocks. Very fast fire rate and huge damage, will destroy several blocks in a row. (Crafted using 1 light rock)
  • Replicating resources using the mineral extractor. Craft 10,000 of any natural resource by using 1 block of the resource.
  • Crafting any item or block gives you 10,000 of the crafted item/block. Crafting blocks and items still need the usual amount of resources.
  • All drills have power of 999. This means all drills can drill any block and upgrading is merely a visual change.
  • All armors have 100 armor rating and recharge 100 power per second. This means unlimited energy if several pieces of armor are equipped. Health shouldn't be a problem either. All armors are equal.

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