So, uh....

  • Maybe a getting started guide for digging around in the files for basic modding?
  • Rough locations of pertinent values that we find?
  • Download links for compiled patches, bugfixes, etc?

Messing with the xml files.Edit

Corneroids uses a xml based system to manage items and blocks, known as Blockset. To mod the Blockset for Corneroids, you need to navigate to your corneroids_binaries folder, open the folder called "Content". There should be 4 folders and 3 files. Open the first folder, Blocksets, and with Notepad++(Or notepad/wordpad), open the file called defaultItemset(Or DarthNoxItemset, if you have it).

It's pretty messy so, if you're using Notepad++, click on the "-" next to Textures, Blocks, Projectiles, Crafting, and Items. This will save your finger from scrolling and make everything much more manageable. Now, let's start by clicking on the "+" next to Items, then look for <weapons>. Now let's look at how a weapon is made.

<weapon itemId="48">               -Set the item Id here.
  <color r="0" g="0" b="0" />
  <description></description>      -Description of the weapon/item
  <maxStackSize>1</maxStackSize>   -The maximum size of the stack
  <modelDepth>1</modelDepth>       -The width of the model when on screen
  <name>Cobalt Pistol</name>       -The name of the weapon/item
  <powerUsage>1</powerUsage>       -How much power the weapon use when shot
  <sprite x="0" y="1" />           -Set which sprite to use on spriteImages.png
  <light type="point">             -Set the type of lighting when fired.
    <color r="0" g="0" b="255" />  -Set the color of the light
    <radius>1</radius>             -Set the radius
  <reloadTime>400</reloadTime>     -Self-explanatory
  <projectileId>1</projectileId>   -Set the projectile
  <spread>0</spread>               -Self-explanatory

Play with the values a bit and see how the weapon is affected. It is probably worth noting that there can only be 1024 items at the moment (itemId="[0-1023]").

Luaan's experimental modEdit

This is a simple patch that allows using custom blocks programmed in C# in the game. As such, it's only really interesting to any C# developers out there, who'd like to add completely new block types.

If there's any interest in this, I'd like to expand this tiny patch to allow the creation of mods that vastly change the game using custom stuff, just like BuildCraft or Industrial Craft for Minecraft.

DISCLAIMER: Unlike the officially supported modding, this can potentially be used to endanger your computer (just like with full blown mods to most games). Neither me nor the original creator of the game can take any responsility for any harm to your computer through the use of this patch.

For more information and download links, continue to the patch page: Luaan's experimental mod